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Unitus is partnering with 50 local businesses and national brands to provide discounts to members who use their Unitus Classic Visa or Platinum Rewards Visa at participating businesses. In many cases, we created these discounts with the business owners themselves so you won’t find them anywhere else. Every bit of savings adds up to improve your financial well-being.

Since 1937, supporting our communities has been one of our highest priorities as a financial institution. We are proud to partner with small business owners who help make Portland one of a kind in order to bring you these deals. When you save money while supporting local businesses, everyone wins.

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One key feature sets Porter’s Picks apart: the app will automatically tell you when a discount is nearby.* Even for the most diligent bargain hunters, remembering which coupons and discounts you have at which stores can be difficult. It’s never fun to get home from shopping only to remember you had a coupon you could have used. Porter’s Picks solves that by sending you a push notification whenever you are near a discount!*

Tip: When you use your Unitus Platinum Rewards Visa to redeem discounts through Porter’s Picks, you won’t just save money. You will earn 1 point for every dollar – redeemable toward cash back, gift cards, travel and nearly anything else you can dream. Why wait? It’s easy to apply!

*This setting can always be turned off if you prefer fewer phone notifications.

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